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About Us

Who We Are

Media Coverage SA tracks media coverage in real-time across TV, Radio, Online, Print and Social Media. We monitor high-value media platforms primarily in South Africa and around the world

Our clientele comprises of organizations, NPOs/NGOs, government departments, PR agencies, industrial, mining, research firms, municipalities, pharmaceuticals, farming and various other key economic sectors.

We monitor a wide array of mainstream media outlets in South Africa - and sifting through over 2000 media outlets across the world -  mainly in English and other additional languages including German, Arabic, French, Polish, Spanish. Central to our efficiency is a highly efficient and robust artificial intelligence web-based media intelligence portal which crawls thousands of media sources in real-time and manages media clippings.

We are among a network of rapidly growing media monitoring and analysis agencies. Relationships are very important to us and that's why with a formidable team comprising of media monitoring and research analysts, we are committed to producing captivating and immersive media reports

Our focal point lies in strengthening and sustaining long-term business relationships with our clients, international partners, analysts and a strong technical team behind the artificial intelligence media tracking technology which outputs seamless but results-orientated media monitoring process.


Why Choose Us?

Media Analysis

Insightful and detailed media analysis reports gauges successes and weaknesses in publicity and media relations

Turnaround times

Quick media alerts customized to deliver the latest coverage notified via e-mail, SMS and WhatsApp immediately after dissemination

Media Intelligence

A robust user-friendly, highly-interactive and modern-built media monitoring SaaS technology. Instantly customize, export, and share media coverage reports

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Broadcast Monitoring

24-hour Monitoring of news, current affairs, business and DJ banters on a commercial, regional, national and international sphere. Broadcast synopses with relevant metadata such as AVE, Sentiment, interviewed guests, duration, station, etc

Print Monitoring

We track dozens of print publications in South Africa, Africa and globally including most community, regional newspapers, consumer weekly titles, glossy magazines, specialist magazines, trade publications, B2B and research journals

Online Media

Monitoring of thousands of news websites in real-time including newswires, online newspaper editions, blogs, websites and forums. Online Boolean search parameters includes sentiment, geo-location, author, source website, audience reach, etc

Social Media Listening

Real-time monitoring of social media posts from a variety of social media channels - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Linked-in.  Social media data harvested from social channels is updated instantly

Investor Relations Monitoring

We align IR contacts and strategic communications agencies with investor clients by monitoring the latest media coverage on listed company results, SENS announcements, CEO interviews,  market analysis commentary and more. . .

Media Analysis

Detailed media analysis reports produced monthly, quarterly and annually and available instantly via media intelligence portal. Reports are sliced from a specific time period presented in graphs and charts.

Full Transcripts

Full verbatim transcripts are compiled sourced from the latest radio/TV interviews, speeches, media briefings, talk-shows and phone-ins.  Transcripts are processed by a professional team within the quickest turnaround times

Integrated Media Portal

Gain access to a secure advanced media intelligence portal with interactive dashboards. Customize, share and export media reports instantly. All media coverage data is updated in 'real-time'.

Industry Insights Reports

Receive weekly digests of actionable industry insights - a useful tool for companies to stay abreast with key industry trends in their industry space:- Resources Insights, Banking Insights, Construction Sector Insights, etc


"Media Coverage SA's data is always up-to-date, relevant and specific. The media monitoring platform is even easier to navigate, user-friendly and empowers end-users to be in control of their brands"

J. Clark Brand Manager/Marketing Director

"The media tracking portal is the most sought after by our PR team. We use the sentiment analysis tool frequently to sift through and manage all possible crisis communication scenarios & viral content"

M. Wilson Public Relations Practitioner

"Media Coverage SA's early notification system is just awesome. Our team is able to monitor regular social media insights received and keep abreast on media coverage trends - and respond to any alarm bells  appropriately..."

R. Mertz Social Media Manager