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Launched in 2010 as ClipTrack Media, now acquired into Media Coverage SA, the agency monitors media coverage in real-time across a wide variety of platforms including TV, Radio, Online, Print and Social Media. Through our key international partner network, we monitor high-value broadcast media platforms primarily in South Africa  and around the world.

Our clientele mostly comprise of organizations, NGOs, government departments, Public Relations agencies, industrial, mining, research firms, municipalities, pharmaceuticals and various other key sectors. We monitor a wide array of media outlets in South Africa - and sifting through over 2000 media outlets globally and on the African continent mainly in languages - English and other several languages including German, Arabic, French, Polish and Spanish. Central to our efficiency is a highly robust artificial intelligence web-based media intelligence portal which crawls thousands of sources in real-time effective in managing clips.

We are among a network of rapidly growing media monitoring and analysis agencies with a proven track record. Relationships are very important to us and that's why, with a formidable team of team of media monitors and research analysts, we are committed to producing consistently captivating and immersive media reports

Our focal point lies in the building, strengthening and sustaining long-term  business relationships with our clients, international stakeholders, analysts and a strong technical team behind the Ai media intelligence platform, which outputs seamless yet results-orientated media monitoring process.

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Would you like to establish what people are saying about your business, brand, organization, a campaign or political party sentiment - in the media space?

Media monitoring is a strategic engagement instrument that enables the tracking and measuring of media mentions, sentiment and perceptions. Your brand requires one to gain competitive advantage, consistently manage reputation, monitor competitor and industry trends across all mainstream media platforms to stay on top of your game and ahead of the pack

It is important to engage with your team to formulate a solid media monitoring strategy and to determine which key burning issues, topics or campaigns may require media monitoring. Alternatively, speak to our sales support team to assist with the best tailored success strategy going forward and discuss available monitoring packages available at MCSA - with the primary objective to add value and grow your brand.


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"Media Coverage SA's data is always up-to-date, relevant and specific. The media monitoring platform is even easier to navigate, user-friendly and empowers end-users to be in control of their brands"

J. Clark Brand Manager/Marketing Director

"The media tracking portal is the most sought after by our PR team. We use the sentiment analysis tool frequently to sift through and manage all possible crisis communication scenarios & viral content"

M. Wilson Public Relations Practitioner

"Media Coverage SA's early notification system is just awesome. Our team is able to monitor regular social media insights received and keep abreast on media coverage trends - and respond to any alarm bells  appropriately..."

R. Mertz Social Media Manager