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Benefits of media monitoring

Would you like to establish what people are saying about your business, your brand, your organization, your political leader, campaign or project -in the media space?

Media monitoring is a strategic engagement tool to measure and manage communication activities across a variety of media platforms. The process involves tracking and measuring of mentions and commentary across TV/Radio, online, social media and print media. It's important to have media monitoring in your company as an essential instrument to assist companies and brands to be in-the-know about what's being said and reported about them in the media space. Gain competitive advantage, consistently manage reputation, monitor competitors and industry trends across all mainstream media platforms - a proven exercise and effective tool of engagement.


Apart from the monitoring of vital news, Media Coverage South Africa's interactive media clipping portal/platform provides full access to complete media clippings management and analytical reports that helps you absorb the news mentions for each and every media alert created.

The media monitoring tool helps you to monitor crucial business trends thereby looking out for any relevant mentions of products, important issues or topics and competitors - through which one will gain a competitive advantage to sift through a large media noise in real-time. Depending on your brand or company's needs,  media monitoring services are offered in a variety of packages. Get in touch with Media Coverage SA's sales support team to discuss suitable options for your organization.

Different packages could range from a combination of Online, Print and Social Media OR Online, Broadcast, Print and Social Media + monthly Media Analysis reports. On other ocassions, companies may require monitoring and only scoping of Online and Social Media Monitoring whilst other companies may require only comprehensive monthly media analysis reports without the need for daily media monitoring. Different needs vary and applies to different clients' communication strategies. As a result, please Contact our sales team to discuss different packages available.


News alerts of statistical and media analysis reports are included in the package and accessible from MCSA's media intelligence portal. Alerts for may customized for clients on a daily basis at specific distribution times of the day and the number of times they are e-mailed. Timelines of alerts delivery can be customized on the client portal by Media Coverage SA or by the client directly, depending on the package chosen.

Media clipping alerts comes as a standard in any media monitoring service - and without alerts, there would not be media monitoring to begin with! Alerts are a standard service to have in any media monitoring platform! Without it, there would be no platform at all. Media alerts are a key and an essential feature to keep the client abreast of what is being mentioned in the media space about a brand, company - conversations, tweets and news reports about a specific issue/topic in the media on a daily or frequent basis, with the simple objective in mind - to keep the client updated and alerted at all times of the relevant noise in the media environment.

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"Media Coverage SA's data is always up-to-date, relevant and specific. The media monitoring platform is even easier to navigate, user-friendly and empowers end-users to be in control of their brands"

J. Clark Brand Manager/Marketing Director

"The media tracking portal is the most sought after by our PR team. We use the sentiment analysis tool frequently to sift through and manage all possible crisis communication scenarios & viral content"

M. Wilson Public Relations Practitioner

"Media Coverage SA's early notification system is just awesome. Our team is able to monitor regular social media insights received and keep abreast on media coverage trends - and respond to any alarm bells  appropriately..."

R. Mertz Social Media Manager